Sunday, December 9, 2012

Johnny Football kills the Heisman

Last night was a historic night for college football as a freshman took home the Heisman for the first time. However, his team did not go undefeated, make it to the championship, and lost to two of the only four ranked teams they faced all season. In all, the Heisman no longer stands for what it once stood for. It has now become a beauty pageant glorified by the irresponsible media (i.e., ESPN) and wins do not matter. 

For a long time the winners have always been upperclassmen, not because they played the college game a lot longer, but because they proved their worthiness to be called great collegiate athletes. They proved that the game is not about how you start it, but how you finish it. The upperclassmen that won the Heisman before last night showed that. After last night however, that all went down the drain, and in my opinion, was a slap in the face to the great collegiate athletes that won it before the so called Johnny Football. 

Collin Klein and Manti Te’o are two seniors that showed that worthiness to call themselves great collegiate athletes, but were robbed by a one-time performance. A performance I might add that only had one noteworthy win. By the way, the Baylor Bears also beat a number one team in the same regular season. My heart goes out to the two men that sat beside Johnny Unproven. That although they proved themselves for four years, their reward was to clap at the first beauty pageant, which the Heisman has been driven to.

Media (i.e., ESPN) as I stated earlier was irresponsible this year. Not looking at the other great athletes that proved themselves, but only at the hype they conjured up. Media has shown that instead of going for the man that busted his rump for the last four years, they were only out for the story, in which a first time freshman won the Heisman. I apologize Collin and Manti on behalf of all media (i.e., ESPN), Johnny was a better story, but not a better collegiate athlete.


  1. It will be interesting to see how this one trick pony holds up next year. Both Florida and LSU will be better and Arkansas and Auburn solved their biggest issues.

  2. Spot on. And by the way, Johnny is NOT a freshman. Having a year in a division one program, even if you don't play, has an impact. How does the story get reported if a "true" freshman wins someday?